Mobile Learning (and Teaching)

My dearest students, herewith I share some news for you.

1. I’m currently guest blogging for Sooo? Well, that’s that. It’s been one of my passion to be a professional blogger. I am a blogger before teacher. I might be able to help if you want to improve or expand your ability through blog and networking. Still, you do the work, I’m just assisting.

2. Next semester, each XI-science student should have a public blog that could be accessed by teacher staff for the purpose of e-learning and research project. If you already have a blog and you don’t want the teacher staff to see it, you can make another one. Or make your personal posts hidden/private. Complete explanation will be given later.

3. Utilize your gadget to support your interest and ability. You might have to use your mobile phone or portable PC many times during next semester’s chemistry class. Still, you can repeat after me, “No use of communication gadget in class” unless you are told to do so.

4. Those of you who already have blog and actively blogging, you can join Microsoft Bloggership. The complete post can be read here in Pendaftaran Microsoft Bloggership 2010 dibuka! Read the terms carefully, this should be taken into consideration seriously. Your participation -moreover if you win- would be solely your responsibility.

I shall add some more if there is any more to say. You know how to reach me.

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